Jamie Hansen

Science and environmental news from the California coast


Hi, and welcome to the site.

Jamie Hansen

I am

  • A freelance science, nature and adventure writer
  • A graduate student in journalism at Stanford
  • Acquiring skills to excel in digital-age  reporting

While here, you can

  • Read my best articles, on topics ranging from desert water shortages to motorcycle adventures
  • Peruse an ever-improving photo gallery
  • Venture through my recent forays in multi-media and digital work

Want to know more? Here’s the official bio…

Jamie comes to Stanford’s graduate program in journalism on a path to becoming a science writer relevant to 21st century audiences. The path started in her Appalachian home town, where she caught the southern love of storytelling and developed an appreciation for the natural world. At Oberlin College, she developed a passion for journalism’s immediacy as news editor of the school paper. Then Florida’s wetlands called, and as director of a nature center she discovered an equally keen passion for explaining tricky scientific concepts to the general public. From there, she sought to marry the two interests through an internship with Sierra Magazine. Since then, she’s illuminated western water problems, evoked bird habitats and described motorcycle touring for media ranging from daily and weekly newspapers to Birder’s World, the High Country News, Motorcycle USA and American Girl. At Stanford, she hopes to enhance her storytelling skills and scientific understanding while assembling a new media toolbox for communicating with the increasingly tech-savvy public.

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